a sustainable ligting installation

product design

How can we craft a spatial element that cleverly embodies the client's identity in an abstract yet meaningful way?

How can sustainability be integrated into the product development process to create a more environmentally responsible and enduring solution?

This project stemmed from my internship at studio MAST, where the client challenged us to create a lamp/light installation as a statement piece for their companies’ main conference room. This room is surrounded by glass walls, making it the first thing visible upon entering the space—thus, it sets the initial impression.
The key descriptors of the company are playfulness, seduction to capture the user's attention, and functional design. It's on these principles that the Crosswise lamp was conceived—a uniquely designed piece that intrigues by merging contrasting geometrically shaped acrylic glass panels and flexible LED tubes.

render of the ligting indstallation (done with KeyShot)
The acryllic plates

The sustainable aspect of this product lies in its main lamp body, crafted from high-quality cast acrylic entirely sourced from 100% recycled pre- and post-consumer acrylic materials. The primary advantage of this material is its ability to be recycled repeatedly, thus enabling reuse, making it a circular resource.

Selected material colors include semi-translucent and amber hues to create a warm ambiance within spaces, imparting an effect reminiscent of natural daylight.

a visualisation of the product in the space
render of the ligting indstallation (done with KeyShot)

Product development

During the lamp development process, several different compositions were considered. Once the final design was chosen, a scaled-down 3D printed model was created for us to better visualize the balance and aesthetic of the composition. Following this, a scale model was crafted from plywood to determine the exact points where the lamp should be suspended from the ceiling. Additionally, this method allowed us to physically test how the flexible LED tube would behave and where it would best fit onto the plates.

general dimensions blueprint

with studio MAST 
(project in progress)